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一种掌握知识管理的平衡法:Mastering Knowledge Management:A Balancing Act

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关键词:Mastering Knowledge ManagementBalancing ActKRW Knowledge ResourcesManaging Information Assets

Mastering Knowledge Management:A Balancing Act
Kirby Wright, PhD
President, KRW Knowledge Resources
October 18, 2005
Managing Information Assets in thePublic Sector: Information Management
at the Crossroads Conference 2005
代写论文网Session Overview
Session at last conference was on Personal Knowledge
This session examines the evolution of KM - emphasizingthe need for balance and integrationFour themes
Once again, why is KM important?
KM remains personal... we need to work through what
this meansKM must also reflect the needs of different levels of the
organization - strategic, operational and personal andmust these must be linkedhow do we make this happen?
Why KM?
Identifies 10 “flatteners” that have leveledthe economic playing field to such anextent that our future is absolutelyguaranteed to be unlike anything we haveever known.
Even now we are seeing massive shifts in:global communications
global labour marketsbusiness process decompositioncompetition for educated talentredefining competitive advantageterrorisminternational politicsenergy independencePublic Sector “flatteners”
part of global economy and societyindividuals and businesses have choices and optionsIn particular: the global economy needs low cost access to energy - the highprices will increase the pressure to (a) find secure access (Good for Alberta)and (b) develop cheaper (non-petroleum) alternatives (potentially good?)face the challenge to create conducive environmentsto attract and retain people and business
Challenge: flatteners will place certain individuals, groups and sectors at risk- challenge: how do we respond?Not all societies/economies use knowledge withsame degree of effectiveness
Why KM (2)
“knowledge is what we buy, sell, and do” (Stewart)
Alberta’s 20 year vision (Today’s Opportunities, Tomorrow’s Promise)
Unleashing innovation — creating an environment that will bring new technology andideas into Alberta's traditional natural-resource based economy.Leading in learning — investing in Alberta's learning system to ensure Albertans canaccomplish their educational goals.
Competing in a global marketplace — ensuring reliable export markets and keepingAlberta competitive.
Making Alberta the best place to live, work and visit — improving the quality of life forAlbertans and keeping social services responsive, modern and affordable.to thrive, organizations and societies are becoming
increasingly knowledge intensiveKnowledge intensive organizations rely on knowledgeworkers
It is all about knowledge work and workersKnowledge worker value comes from theirknowledge, skills and intellectual abilitiesAdd value by solving complex problemsHave autonomy to determine what and how work is
doneQuality of work is more important than quantityWork requires continuous learning and innovationKnowledge worker productivity is the greatest C21management challenge
6Types of knowledge workIntegration (Info system
• systematic, repetitive work
• reliant on formal/known processes
• collaboration across boundaries
Collaboration (New product
• improvisational work
• reliant on deep expertise across multiple
• dependent on flexible teams
Transaction / Replication (Call
• known, recurring problems/work
• reliant on rules, procedures, training
• systemati论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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