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Chapter One Project Introduction

1.1 Project Background

In this chapter, a brief introduction of the project will be made. It covers threemajor dimensions: project background, significance and structure. In the section ofproject background, the book involved in the project will be introduced in terms of itsauthor, structure and highlights. The significance of this project will be explained fromthree different dimensions: economic, cultural and personal. In the section of structure,how this project report is organized will be introduced by listing all chapters and theirmain ideas.

Cultivation and Appreciation of Chinese Bonsai is a record of bonsai fans trackingbonsai trends with their cameras for decades. It is a book drawing on the merits andcore proposals of various bonsai schools. It was published by Fujian Science andTechnology Press in 2016. Rich information, a unique perspective and personalexperience make this book stand out. This report is based on the C-E translation of thethird chapter Pine, Cypress and Miscellaneous Trees. The Skopos Theory will befollowed and used as the theoretical framework for this report. In case analysis,different principles of translation including skopos, fidelity and coherence will bereferred to as both guidance to translation process and standards for comparisonsbetween different versions.


1.2 Project Significance

The importance of this reports is manifested in different aspects includingeconomy, culture and career development.

Economically, there is a huge demand for bonsai raw materials, which hasformed a complete market of economic value. In such a context, the translation ofrelated books and data will broaden the distribution channel of Chinese bonsai exportmarket. Therefore, the translation of this book can bring potential economic benefits tosome extent. Through reading the English translation to learn about the Chinese bonsaiproduction techniques, foreign bonsai lovers may prefer the Chinese market.

Culturally, bonsai embodies rich spiritual connotation and humanistic pursuit.President Xi Jinping has highlighted the value of Chinese traditions and culture of allethnic groups and showed much concern over the sustainable development oftraditional culture in the future. Based on value recognition and respect for differentcultural forms, he pointed out that we China people should be confident about their owncustoms and traditions so that we will handle challenges and other issues ahead in ourpath in a more effective and unhurried way. Accordingly, in international culturalexchange, appropriate cultural carriers should be identified and developed to introduceChinese culture. Seen from this perspective, bonsai is an ideal option.While cultivatingand appreciating bonsai, people will gain more recognition of Chinese culture.


Chapter Two Major Difficulties and Cause Analysis

2.1 The Stylistic Features of the Source Text

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